The Keychain Kubaton Weapon: A Woman’s Best Friend on Campus?

The keychain kubatons are legal to carry on most college campuses, especially where a stun gun or pepper spray may not be allowed. The keychain is a simple device and a great alternative when school rules won’t allow you to defend yourself with the more intense hardcore products. The physical description of most key chain Security Batons is that this hand held device approximates 5 1/2 inches long, and 1/2 inch in diameter, and is made of light weight aluminum, wood or of high impact plastic. Usually, the better units have several circular grip grooves extending around and along the length of the kubaton to assist in handling the device when called into action. acrylic keychain

Women are often the victims of violent crimes on campus; and can quickly learn to wield the keychain around and devastate an attacker with a flurry of direct strikes and simple tactics using the keychain as a weapon. Let’s be real about your chances. If you are being attacked it will be at close range, and more often than not by somebody you know, especially on campus. The need to combine simple keychain tactics with a few basic self defense moves will greatly improve your chances when struggling through an attack.

A basic elbow strike to the face or foot stomp can make the critical difference in controlling the outcome of an attack. Most attackers are looking for a victim, so straight up you need to adjust your mindset about how important is your body and health to you. A good example of a determined mindset surrounds a well publicized murder incident that took place around Lake Hodges in San Diego County last year.

A female graduate student jogging at the same park in the San Diego area a few months before a young woman was killed, was tackled along the same trail that winds around the lake. Later, this student identified her attacker as the same guy arrested for the murder. “I thought he was going to rape me,” the student said of the overweight man who tackled her. “So I told him he would have to kill me first.” What ensued was the raw determination of a women who was hell bent on saving her life. The attacker got all the adrenaline pumped fighting fury from the student jogger, including an elbow strike to the nose. This elbow shot made the attacker pause long enough for the student to get away. The power and driving force that can make the critical difference in an attack outcome is in the mindset. I like to think of this attitude as the mind and body working together!

Can a keychain kubaton be a woman’s best friend on campus? In less time than it takes to learn CPR, you can master the vital basic self defense skills and keychain weapon techniques necessary to defend yourself, just like the graduate student who came home to San Diego for a visit and a jog around a lake. The keychain weapon and basic self defense information available can make a real world difference. What do you have left to think about

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